Sunday, January 10, 2010

Best place to hang out late night - Denny's!

With a group of friends where the majority of age is under 21 where does one go after work at 1am? Denny's (or in my Grandpa Schneider's words: Lenny's)!! This is where I spent two and a half hours with five other friends from work. Iit was the best way on how to unwind from a crappy night at work. I worked the backbar which means I was in charge of keeping the popcorn and candy and everything going. This is only successful if the backbar person prior to the closer can keep the stand running smoothly. Well this was not the case last night. I came into the stand with an hour before the busy of the evening to find no popcorn at all in any of the three warmers in addition to no candy pretty much left in the stand and or pretzel bites in the oven. I went in and tried to get popcorn going but once the busyness hit...I just wanted to cry. I did have help from a supervisor...which was awesome. It did finally settle down and three of us started to close down the stand. We started closing down the stand around 1030pm which was two hours before doors locked. By 1am myself and the rest of the crew were clocking off and saying good night.

Next stop, Denny's! My friends and I try to do this at least once a month. You tend to see some very interesting people at Denny's around 1-2am. Free entertainment if you ask me. haha. Last night was not an exception to this. When we walked in we could smell alcohol on someone's breath and all wondered which drunk it was. A friend went in to the rest room and when she was opening the door to come back to our table when she met the drunk girl who shoved open the door, did a back head flip and said, "hi". My friend said, "uh hi" and continued her way back to our table. Oh what a night. Good comfort fatty food (i.e. pancakes, hash browns, bacon, mozzarella sticks, buffalo wings, and a turkey club sandwich are all items you could have found at our table last night) with the combination of  conversations that go on this late at night are the best!! These conversations are like ones at a slumber party should never be repeated to anyone outside the circle of friends at the party. I will miss these precious nights come this summer, but know that I will meet new co-workers to hang out with late after work.


  1. Some of the best times I had doing theater were hanging out after shows in pizza places and mexican restaurants. I remember one night in particular, I was so upset, I needed food and possibly alcohol. I went to Witchita Pub by Clackamas Community in Oregon City and unwound with a good friend and a very large burger. Sometimes, you just need that release and when it's from someone who has gone through the same thing as you, it makes it easier to bear.

  2. Exactly Megan!! :) No one understands the stress that working at a movie theatre! Have to find some type of positive energy to let out the stress. The best way is through laughter and food.

  3. not gonna lie, last night was super awesome. i was dead tired this morning but it was totally worth it. even though somethings didnt need to be :P im gonna miss you sooo much this summer


  4. I said in the post...somethings that were said should and will never leave what was spoken.


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