Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Internship - Session 2

This morning I went and worked at my internship for about two and a half hours. Most would say that is a pretty short shift, but my field instructor advised me that I would get more hours later on. Today I worked again with the special needs population down in the Production area. Today they did have a job to work on, so no Bingo today. Today their job was to put together a game for a store to sell. What game?? It is called "Get Bombed". As I looked over it a little more is the official "beer pong" game. I kid you not. If you play this game you can go to to check it all out. So what was my job?? Well I worked in the last station that placed the little clear seals on the boxes and also the price tag for the stores to scan when a customer wants to purchase the game. I am assuming that this game would be sent to a store like Hot Topic or Spencer's. After two hours of working in the Production room, I went upstairs to talk to my field instructor. We talked a little about the readings he had given me last week. I am working on one chapter for each meeting. The readings are about challenging behaviors that I will experience when I am working in the Production area and as well out in the field. I also met the field supervisor that takes teams out to work in the area for cleaning and landscaping. I will go out tomorrow with one of the cleaning crews to see another aspect of what ARI does in the community with this certain population.

I hope that my other classmates will all experience a type of internship like mine, rather than get stuck filing papers and making coffee!!

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