Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where am I moving to?

I find it kind of funny now. I tell people that I am moving and their first response is, "Oh really? Where to?" I then respond with, "I don't know! But I will be moving in late May to sometime in June." They look at me as if I am crazy and carry on with a new conversation. I thought I would fill everyone in on the schools that Rob has applied at. Rob and I are both hoping to know where he will be teaching in the fall by late April and early May at the latest. I am excited about the change as it is yet another adventure to my life. Rob promised me when we got married that I would have an adventure and it sure has been so far. :)

Below is the list of schools that Rob has applied to. I like just about all of them, as most of them have a social work program of some sort. :) The ones with a star next to them are the ones that I am personally hoping for.

Southern Indiana University

Evansville, IN
Univ of Arkansas - Little Rock
Little Rock, AR
Shippensburg Univ
Shippensburg, PA
USF Polytechnic
Lakeland, FL
Elon University
Elon, NC
Cleveland State
Cleveland, OH
Penn State

University Park, PA
Ohio Univ
Athens, OH
Southern Polytechnic State
Marietta, GA
Black Hills State
Spearfish, SD
*Oregon Institute of Technology
Klamath Falls, OR
Tarleton State
Stephenville, TX
Nashville, TN
*Savannah State
Savannah, GA
Robert Morris
Moon Township, PA
*Pacific Lutheran
Tacoma, WA
Metropolitan State College of Denver
Denver, CO
Augsburg College
Minneapolis, MN
*Univ of Washington, Bothell
Bothell, WA
Utah Valley University
Orem, UT
*Univ of Texas at Dallas
Dallas, TX
*Western Carolina
Cullowhee, NC
*Oklahoma Baptist
Shawnee, OK
*University of Oregon
Eugene, OR
*Minot State University

Minot, ND
*University of Louisville
Louisville, KY
*University of Colorado - Pueblo
Pueblo, CO

Rob has heard back from Un. of Arkansas with a "Sorry we have filled the position" type of letter. So that one is out of the running. But we still have quite a few good schools on the list. He has heard back from a few just confirming that they have received his application. A lot of schools have been on Winter Break, so hopefully this week he will start hearing some more feedback from some of these schools. Some of the applications had to be sent via US Postal service rather than electronically.


  1. That is a very exciting list with lots of wonderful prospects. I will be praying for you guys. It's scary not knowing where you'll be but I think it's great that you are so adaptable. May a good school hire Rob soon.

  2. Thanks Megan!! I am not finding it scary anymore. I am just ready to know where we will go so that I can start looking at houses to rent.

    Gloria...nope BS was not hiring for Information Systems!! If so...he would have applied!!

  3. What a different life than me!!!! I hate being that open to change. I like knowing where I am going to be and what is going to happen. LOL. But it looks like it works well for the two of you:) I am glad. I hope that he gets a few of them begging for him, so that you two can pick from a few instead of just one:)

  4. Good luck on interviews Rob



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