Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baseball Hall of Fame

I can now say that I have been to Cooperstown, NY. What is in Cooperstown?? If you are asking this question then you must not be a baseball fan or a very serious one at that. Cooperstown is the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame. This is where I spent the majority of my day. 

Last night, Rob was asking me what I wanted to do on a Tuesday where the weather was suppose to be so nice. I told him that I didn't really know. He asked if I would like to take a four hour drive north (one way) to see the Baseball Hall of Fame. I didn't see why this would be a I agreed. I figured since it was going to be a nice day, it would be fun to just be out and about rather than sitting at home all day. 

Cooperstown, NY is out in the middle of no where. I kept thinking, "Are we there yet?? How much longer? I really have to pee!" Finally we see a sign that says we have three and a half miles to go. Yay!!! We find parking up in this itty bitty town and try to find some lunch. Easy right?? Wrong! Not a whole lot was open at 11am, and we wanted to eat before going into the Hall of Fame. We found this little bar & grill that was serving lunch. Next stop, Baseball Hall of Fame (BHoF)!

Note, if you are planning a trip up to the BHoF, I would suggest going during the week and not during the summer, especially BHoF week when all the inductees are in town for the special ceremonies. Also, please allow at least three to four hours to see everything!!! I could not believe how much stuff they had in there. The museum encourages you to take flash photography and even video!! Now how cool is that?! It was pretty quiet today, and I was not going to complain. I think in three hours, I saw only about ten different people. I loved it!! Rob and I were able to go at our own pace with out people waiting behind us or trying to shove us through or shove in front of us.

I think my favorite part of the hall of fame was the area where they showed which movies have been around a baseball theme. Wow...there was a lot!! They showed some artifacts from those movies, and stuff like that. One of my favorite baseball movies is "A League of their Own". It is based on a true story, which makes the story even better. After walking through that section, makes me want to sit down and watch some of the baseball movies we have here at the house. 

All in all, it was a good trip. I am glad that I went...but don't know if I would go back only because it is really in the middle of no where and there is really no good way or easy way to get there. If you are a baseball fan, I encourage you to go.

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  1. That sounds awesome, if you like baseball. I'm not a huge fan, but it sounds like a really neat place. : )


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