Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cheating, I think not!!

Last night was the first night of my Social Welfare Policy class. Before class started, a classmate from my Human Behavior class from last trimester stopped by to hand me back an item that she had borrowed. I thanked her and I went back to my desk.

STOP THE TAPE....time out...let's refresh from a couple weeks ago...
Remember how last trimester my professor informed us that she was strongly encouraged by a full-time professor that the class should read Tuesdays with Morrie?? *shaking your head...right? lol* Now, remember how my own professor had told us to go out and get the book on cd/tape and listen to it so that we could discuss it on the last day of class. The full-time professor had expressed that some type of paper should included with the book. Well my professor decided since it was so late in the semester and a different paper was already assigned to not worry about a paper. 

ROLL TAPE...back to my original story...
When I got back to my desk I opened the cd case to ensure myself that all the cds were in there. I knew where my classmate was going to be just in case one of the cds was missing. The guy sitting next to me who is taking the Human Behavior class this trimester looked to see what I had. When he noticed that I had the "Tuesdays with Morrie" on cd he looked at me and called me a CHEATER!! I was mad that he would call me that with out knowing why I had that!! My response was, "How am I a cheater?" He responded with, "You have the book on cd!" and I told him, "This is what my professor asked for me! So how is that cheating?!" Oh I was upset!!! I was thinking in my head...this is not cheating even if I had to read the actual book to write a paper. It is not like I am reading the Cliffnotes of this book. The audiobook was the entire book and not an abridged version. I drive a ton so why not listen to the book, buy the book as well so that I have page numbers to refer to in the paper that is probably required?? If this guy was smart, he would go out to the Borders store this weekend, get the cds, listen to them and be done with the book!!

I was thinking that I was going to have to take an English Lit. class last term. When I told my advisor that I am a bit leery about taking the class as I am a slow reader. She said, "well maybe you could find the books on tape and listen to them while you are driving to and from work or to and from school." So obviously listening to books on tape is not a form of cheating if my own advisor is suggesting such a thing to help me in a class!!

I am ready to be done with this group of students. I wish I was in with the Seniors. Not because I want to be done with school, but more because I like the group of seniors for the social work department. *sigh*

Just eleven more weeks left of classes at Iona. I can do this. I will ignore what people may tell me to throw me off course...I will stride through and get what I came here to do.


  1. The book on tape or CD is so not cheating. It's just another way that books are delivered. I know of people who have more books on CD downloaded to their iPods than they do music. Would it be cheating if you had it on a kindle as an e-book? No. Sounds like this person needs to mind their own beeswax and also not rule out new forms of media. My film teachers used YouTube clips all the time in lectures. One even had us watch a whole episode of All in the Family on YouTube because class was cancelled due to snow.

    Good for you for not listening to them. If I listened to all my detractors, I wouldn't be in school. Keep going! You can do it.

  2. I was just annoyed!! I mean...I would never tell someone that they were cheating unless it involved file sharing or something in that nature!! If he would not have called me a cheater, I may have recommended him to go get the cds to listen to, as I know he is a slow reader and just tends to skim by in these classes.

  3. That's crazy!! It's not cheating at all. If you'd bought a paper off of the internet to turn in, now that's cheating!!

  4. Many universities are posting lectures and other audio to iTunesU and other places so this is not cheating, just another method of delivering instruction. Don't let people bully you about how you learn best.


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