Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Going home to the City I love!

In about 5 hours I will be boarding a plane that will be part one of two for my trip to Oregon. I am so excited and this trip is long over due. Ok...so it has not been a full year...but that is a very long time for me to be away from my beloved state. :) I will be home with my parents for about nine days. Well less than that since it takes pretty much a whole day to fly and all. I guess that is better than driving or taking the train which would consist of a week or so. Oye!! 

I am looking forward to this trip. Like I said in an earlier post about my trip...this will not be a trip to be driving all over the state or city and back to see as many people as I can. It is a time to just sit and breath. I can not wait to see some of my closest friends and family, as well as the beloved pacific coast. My mouth is watering now about the thought of having a grilled cheese sandwich at Mo's over in Lincoln City and some fresh salt water taffy. yummy...yummy!!

I hope to blog everyday and keep up on my blogging while I am away. :)

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