Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Carpet

Late last month, we had new carpet installed to our master bedroom. One would probably not consider our bedroom to be the master only because it is not the largest bedroom in the house. When we moved into this house I wanted to have the guest bedroom on the main floor near the main bathroom, and so that opted for Rob and I to have the second largest bedroom which is located upstairs.

A person would say, "Amy if you are selling your house, why did you have new carpet installed?" Well to answer that question we must step back in time to last year about this time. Rob and I decided to have a neighborhood party at our house to celebrate the opening day of the 2009 baseball season. We placed each of our dogs in a separate bedroom thinking that this would help eliminate so much barking during the party. Well come to find out after the party was over, Casey has separation anxiety issues!! She had tried to dig her way out of the bedroom by the door, and destroyed probably a 2 square foot area of the carpet. We pretty much just cut the ruined part of the carpet out which now showed the old hardwood floors which looked pretty beat up. Jumping back into this year...when we decided to put the house on the market we figured we would get new carpet for that bedroom, as a selling feature of the house. I am glad we did because I had forgotten how stained that carpet was before we moved in. Nothing like moving into an old teenager's room. Need I say more, I don't think so.

The new carpet looks nice and I wish we would have done this sooner, so that we could enjoy the carpet a little bit longer. We only did the room itself rather than the small closet and the walk-in closet as we wanted to keep it as cheap as possible. By looking at the carpet you would not know that it is a cheaper priced carpet. Gotta love how I pick something that is cheap but still looks good. ;)

Here are a few pictures of what we have now.

Picture of room looking from small closet

Picture looking from Walk-in Closet

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