Monday, March 15, 2010

What a weekend...

What a weekend!! I had fun, but I am glad to be home for a little bit. Figured I should update my readers on what I did on the trip. As I mentioned...Friday I spent the day walking around the city on my own. Where I left off was for what happened Saturday.

Saturday was spent at the Mall of America (MOA). Rob and I got up early to get ready for the day. I wanted to get over there early to try and beat the crowds. We walked over to the light rail and unfortunately missed the first train. We caught the next train though and was down to MOA thirty minutes later. I was starving by this point and so we ate at Cinnabon. shoot me...not healthy for breakfast..but I was on a mini-vacation. So leave me alone...ok?! Anyways...after eating a delicious Cinnabon, Rob and I decided we needed to get a game plan together on how we were going to do the MOA. We decided we would take one level at a time. We walked clockwise around the mall as it was easier that way. I didn't have any major stops that I wanted to make except for Lane Bryant and then a tourist type of shop to pick up a few things. Once I stopped at both of those which didn't take long, we just walked the mall. By lunch time the mall was picking up quite a bit and we tried to avoid the food court. It was extremely hard to even walk through the food court and decided to just eat at one of the many sit down food places that would be away from the food court. So no Chipotle this trip! yes...I was bummed too. The place we ate at though was pretty good. Yes spendy for what we would normally spend on lunch...but worth it to be away from so many people. After lunch we walked the top level of MOA and then decided to head back to the hotel. So what did I think about MOA?? I am glad that I went, but I don't know if I would go back. It had the same stores that you would see in any major mall through out the country. Yes, there were some specialty stores that are for only Minnesota people...but I don't understand how you could spend a week there.

Once we got back from the mall we ended up just relaxing. Walking so much tired me out, and it was nice to just sit and do nothing. For dinner we walked over to The Old Spaghetti Factory. We had ate there on Thursday evening with some of the interview committee, but I wanted to eat there again before we left. Plus the area that we were in, we didn't have many choices for food that was reasonably priced. Thinking it was 8pm and a Saturday night, I thought we would have a long wait for a place like this. I was surprised when the hostess told me that it would only a twenty-minute wait!! Really?! On a Saturday evening?! Where does everyone go on a Saturday evening for dinner in Minneapolis?? Just nuts, if you ask me! After dinner we didn't take a direct path home. We ended up walking over by the Mill City Museum again. There was a special event going on, so even if it was open, we would not have been able to go through it. That's ok, though.The rest of the night at the hotel we sat and watched LA Ink on TLC.

Sunday morning was spent packing everything up and getting out to the airport. Our flight was on time, and overbooked. We though were not on stand-by and was thankful as the next flight to Connecticut was not for another eight hours. eeek!!

I slept pretty good last night. I always sleeping in my own bed! There is the sense of security. I have not uploaded my pictures yet to Facebook or Picasa. I am hoping to get that completed tonight.

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