Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ramona Quimby on the Big Screen!!!!

Last night while was watching the trailers for the movies that are coming out this summer one movie made me very excited. I grew up reading all of the Ramona Quimby books by Beverly Cleary.

Well this summer, they will be releasing RAMONA & BEEZUS (which is the first book in the Ramona series) as a movie in all theatres!!! Oh I am so excited!! I saw the trailer last night and I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning!! Rob probably thinks I am a freak...but he didn't grow up reading these books. I feel as if a Harry Potter has just seen the trailer for their favorite book of the series. Ok, long stretch...but I think it works.

Beverly Cleary is from the Portland, Oregon area...and so Ramona and her family are from Portland in the books. When I was first reading these books when I was in grade school I didn't realize that. When I got older though, I found this out and loved the books even more.  I am tempted to go and buy the whole Ramona series so that I can add her back into my book library. I know...I am such a dork...but I can't help it! is the trailer for the movie which comes to theatres in July. Oh I can't wait!!


  1. That IS exciting!! I grew up reading those books too and still have really fond memories of them!

  2. Beverly Cleary was a children's librarian in Washington!


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