Thursday, March 11, 2010

Made it safely...

Some of you know that I have a slight fear of flying. When I started flying to different places alone and I reached my destination...I would call my mom and tell her that I didn't die. Yes I get odd looks when I say that while walking through the airport...but it is has become a joke between my family and I.

So I didn't die today since I am here typing this while sitting in the hotel room in Minneapolis, MN. It was over-cast today, but I didn't mind. Rob and I spent the afternoon in the hotel room. It was good to just sit and not do much.

Tonight for dinner we ate at Old Spaghetti Factory. Oh I have missed this place!!! So yummy!! I think this place is better than Olive Garden. I know...that is hard to say...but oh wow.

More to report tomorrow. I may try and go to a museum in the afternoon if the weather stays kind of ok.

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