Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I have made it!!

Yup...even with my fear of flying...I have made it to Oregon. But with the help of some xanax I was able to fly with out any anxiety or feeling that the plane was going to crash and kill us all. *I am just real pleasent to fly with, really. hahaha*

When I checked in at the airport, I was given a seat assignment for Hartford to Minneapolis, but then a "Seat Request" for Minneapolis to Portland. (Yay!! I was put on stand-by!! Just what I wanted to deal with!) My flight from Hartford to Minneapolis was pretty smooth. There was a few bumps but nothing drastic...and why is it that it gets bumpy just when the flight attendants decide to come through and pass out some drinks? Never fails! Anyways...the flight was not extremely full, which was nice for a change! I had a window seat right on the wing (my favorite spot to sit in a plane because it is the most stable place inside the plane), and then there was a guy in my row on the aisle. it was nice to not have someone sitting in the middle seat!!

When we landed in Minneapolis I checked the screens to see where my next gate was. I was in terminal G and I had to go to terminal F. No worries...I had an hour and a half, so I went to find my gate then went and found some dinner. I was not super hungry but thought I should eat something so that I am not starving on the airplane!! When I got back to the gate, I was hoping that there would be a gate agent at the counter so that I could get a seat assignment. Well a gate agent didn't arrive to the gate until probably 15 minutes before the plane was suppose to board!!! Talk about annoying!! But I was given a seat and I was happy. OOh....Row 5A. Sweet...I will be nice and close...and oh is this first class? Well was not first class but it was the row right behind first class. So I was given lots of leg room! Yay! I felt like the flight was not ever going to end. I was getting restless and just wanted to be out of the plane. I could feel the meds wearing off...but didn't want to take another pill as I knew I only had an hour or so left. So I just put my nose back into my "Confessions of a Shopaholic" book. btw...if you are looking for a fun fast paced need to read that book!! Such a funny story!!

I arrived in Portland a little bit early, but had to wait awhile for my bag. This is the disadvantage of being able to get off the plane so quickly. I even took my time getting down to the baggage claim. *sigh* anyways...I found my bag and went back upstairs for my parents to pick me up at the curb.

So now I am here in Canby. I slept amazing!! I tell you there is nothing like sleeping in your childhood house. Maybe it is just me. I was wide awake around 630am...but then I ended up falling back asleep. Guess my body is still kind of on the east coast time.

Hope you all are having a fabulous Wednesday!

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