Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Johnny Depp = Strange?

 Since March's blogging theme is "STRANGE" I thought that blogging about Johnny Depp. When one thinks about Johnny Depp one would probably say that he was a pretty strange person. He chooses off the wall roles in movies but yet suceeds in all the roles he plays. I have personally loved Johnny Depp ever since I was an adolescent. I think my first exposure to Johnny Depp was the movie Edward Scissorhands. Now that movie could be a whole blog "strange" topic of its own. As dark and kind of creepy as that movie is...I do still like it.

So why is he in so many Tim Burton films?? Well, they are best friends! Two Hollywood outcasts that felt like they knew each other. And yes...any movie that Tim and Johnny create together are very odd...but I think that is why I like them. Johnny Depp is one of those actors who will not let Hollywood type cast himself. He said that he will pick which roles he plays and that is why we have seen him play many different roles. Take Edward Scissorhands and the role that he had in that...then look at him in the role in movies such as Don Juan DeMarco, Chocolat, or From Hell. All three of these roles are very different, but were pulled off very well because he makes the character more than what it was ever written to be.

I find it funny when people tell me that the Pirates of the Caribbean were Johhny's first movies. I tell them, "Nope sorry you will loose this argument. Johnny has been around a lot longer than these movies! Try looking back before you were born! I would classify myself as possibly a Johnny fanatic like some people may classify themselves as a Twilight fanatic. I can not believe I just gave that analogy. Wow...but yes...I do love Johnny Depp. I have watched his biography on the A&E channel a couple of times. When I watch that I realize that I have seen just about all of his movies. Yes I will admit that I have not seen some either because they were too scarey for me or I just didn't know about them.

One of my favorite Johnny Depp movies of all time is "Benny & June". I just love him...as the character and how if this was played by someone else...the movie would have failed. I also like the movie "Blow" which is based on the big cocaine drug lord back in the 70s. I think he makes this movie only because he was kind of going through his own druggy, scummy period of his own life at the time of this movie was film. I do love him in the Pirate of Caribbean movies as I can not think of anyone else who could play Captain Jack Sparrow! Well and who else could play John Dillinger?? What a fine looking man Johnny is in every movie he is in.

And yes, I will be watching his new movie, "Alice in Wonderland". shhhhhh...don't tell me that it looks bad or wierd, or anything you have read about it. I want to go and see it with out hearing what people think or have heard. It is best for me to form my own opinion. Of course though...this movie will be weird and strange because it is Tim Burton AND Johnny Depp together again.

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