Friday, March 26, 2010

Late postings...This is for Thursday

So my postings will be probably late compared to normal...only because my Blogger is set up as east coast time setting. Where I am on the west coast right now...I am three hours behind. I was going to post something earlier today, but I just got busy.

My trip here in Oregon has been just perfect. I can not believe that on a normal trip, I would be pretty much flying in on a day like today and then flying home on either Sunday or early Monday morning. eeek!!! I am learning that I need to take more time for myself and not try and do these super short trips. Yesterday was spent alone for the most part. I just sat at my mom's and watched tv and got caught up on what I needed. Then I went over and got an hour massage, which was just amazing!!! I carry my stress in my upper back...and all on my left side of the most part. it was amazing...and totally what I needed!!

Today was spent with my best friend, Renee. We went to lunch at Olive Garden and then walked through the mall...then ended our afternoon at Starbucks back in town. Time like these are when I miss being so far away from my close friends and family. Dinner was spent with my parents and brother at Red Lobster. Yummy...oh yes indeed!!

Friday will be spent with my grandma and hopefully my best friend, Christy. So that is what I have been up to so far. :)

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