Sunday, March 7, 2010

So I watched it...

 Last night at work was busy...but a controlled busy. It was pretty much only busy for one movie...yes you can guess what it was. Alice In Wonderland of course! Guests coming in kept asking me if I had seen it or heard anything about it, and I had to keep telling them no. When the busyness really died down I looked to see if there was a 3D showing around the time I was getting off from work With my luck there was! I called Rob on my break to let him know that I would not be home till real late since the showing I was going to watch was the midnight showing. I then texted my friend to see if they were busy or even wanted to see a movie. I figured they would be busy, but they said they would meet there for the movie.

12am rolls around and the previews start. EEEE!!! I am so excited!! First time watching a 3D movie in the theatre that I work in. Yes, my theatre has had 3D capabilities since late last year, but I waited until now to experience the beauty of this type of technology. The previews for the upcoming attractions looked somewhat interesting. They are sadly remaking the original Karate Kid movie. I am already shaking my head with the movie as they are really changing up the story. I don't know...will just have to see when it comes out. The new TRON Legacy movie looks interesting. I remember seeing parts of the old one and so I would probably see the new one that will make an appearance later this year. Then of course Toy Story 3. I am a sucker for this movie series and will have to watch this movie as well.  There were a few other previews as well.

Then the movie started!!! I was so excited. I felt like a child on Christmas morning to open the presents that has been looking at for three or four months.  About thirty minutes into the movie I started thinking, "This is going to pick up once Alice falls back down the rabbit hole and enters Wonderland, right?" Well that happened...and I said, "ok...well it will pick up when Johnny Depp comes into the picture right?" it did...but ehhh...I was let down. Almost like the same child who had been looking at the presents for three or four months to just keep opening up presents that were socks or other unwanted clothing with maybe one little cool thing that they kind of wanted which was ranked pretty low on the wish list. I walked away feeling let down.

I think that if the movie could have been PG-13 and been able to develop something more...then it may have been ok. Or had even a bigger twist and did a movie only on the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp's role). Anne Hathaway was annoying as the White Queen. She just bugged me on how she talked and did everything in the movie. Helena Bonham Carter who played the Red Queen was pretty good. Tim definitely had fun with this character's role in the film. Johnny Depp was good for what was given to him. He just was not given a major role in the film. If I had to choose between Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter or Willy Wonka...I would choose him as Willy Wonka. At the end of the movie there is a scene where you see Alice on a boat headed off for a new journey. As cheesy as the movie was getting I was almost expecting Johnny Depp to appear as Captain Jack Sparrow. It may have worked in some odd way.

Tim Burton...I think you failed on this one. Good try...but stay away from Disney next time you want to make a movie.


  1. I have promised I won't see it until I can see it with Lani. We're excited about it b/c of this year's Bmom's Day theme.

    Love that pic in your post. I need a poster like that to hang in the front of the room at Bmom's Day!

  2. may be able to find one online...


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