Monday, March 8, 2010

City Slickers - no...not the movie

Ok...I have to get something off my chest. I really hate "city slickers", but I love the movie (if you really want to know). I am not speaking of the movie though. I am talking about the term that country folk use on people who are trying to "act" country.

City Slickers are the people who show up at country music concerts, rodeos, and county fairs wearing their country attire that they just bought at the store the week before for the special event. I can not stand these people...honestly. I know these people think they are just trying to fit in...but they really just stick out like a sore thumb if you ask me. I know people like this actually. These people are the ones who never grew up doing 4H, FFA, never sat in the pig barns on a hot summer day during the fair, and don't know what part of the pig is used for bacon, ham, or sausage. I was not in 4H or FFA, but I have sat in the pig barns on hot summer days during the fair and at one time I did know what part of the pig was used for what kind of meat.

I grew up in a small country type of town...but I lived in town. So I do consider myself a country girl...but I do not go around dressing like one since I lived in town. I had many friends who lived outside of the town limits...and so they wore the boots, felt and straw hats. I loved every minute of it. I miss the country way of living actually. I miss the slowness of it but yet at arms reach of the big city amenities.

I will get back to the country way of life one of these days somehow. But for now I will just be irritated at the City Slickers all dressed up at the fairs, rodeos, and country music indoor and outdoor concerts.

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