Monday, March 1, 2010

CBS: Undercover Boss

Anyone else watching this show: CBS Undercover Boss??? Each week this show goes to a big business and the CEO goes undercover in their own company to see how the front lines are now currently running. I didn't tape the first episode of this show, but I was told by a couple of people that I should check out the show.

The following week, Rob had taped the second show with out me knowing. What an interesting show!!! I think that each and every CEO should step down and remember how they worked in the entry level positions of the company that they may have forgotten how it feels to be in that position. If every CEO of every large company did this...then I think there would be a lot more happy employees working their every day job! I also think that if a company is purchased by a new CEO, that the new CEO should seriously work the front line to really see how the company that they were handed over really works. AMC Theatres had a change in the CEO just this past year (2009). I remember sitting in the conference call listening to all of this and hearing the new guy say how much he loves going t the movies and how honored he is to work for a great company for AMC. I remember him saying, "...and I will be personally coming by to visit every theatre that I can." I also remember thinking, "ya you are going to come to the AMC up here in Danbury Connecticut!" As far as I know he has not came to visit our theatre.

I do like how the CEOs on this show look for how they can improve their companies by either improving the quality of life of the employees or even the efficiency of the company. One show I thought that a manger of a store would be fired due to how he was treating his female employees!! 

This show is great though! If you have not seen this show yet, please do me a favor. Just tape one episode of it or find it online to watch one episode. You will not be sorry!


  1. I saw the episodes with the CEO's from Hooters and 7-11. I do think that CEO's need to visit their companies more often when they can. And they need to do it in a way that doesn't intimidate their employees. The CEO at the title company I worked at visited and we had to act like the President was visiting. It was so intimidating and I was even sent home to wear something "nicer." Two months later, he was out of a job. I did hear the manager at the Hooters who was being disrespectful to his employees "left to pursue other opportunities." The night that the show aired, people posted his restaurant's number on Twitter and encouraged people to call to get him fired so I think he got pushed out.

  2. Well good!!! He should have been fired right there on the spot...but I know they had to figure out a way to make the television show look good. I am glad that are now other ways in how to get someone fired or pushed out of the company. ;)

  3. I have been enjoying this show as well. :)

  4. I love this show! I've seen all but the most recent one (White Castle). Last week's was my favorite in terms of employees--that Igor dude is awesome. And agreed--every CEO should give this experiment a try!


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